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Back-up: Education Secretary Michael Gove has said that the prime minister's plan for the EU will fail without a threat of withdrawal What would happen if we left the EU? The Education Secretary is absolutely right: there is no chance of our own EU officials seeking the meaningful repatriation of powers, let alone the EU granting it, unless everyone understands that we will otherwise leave.

We have to be prepared to walk away if our minimum terms are not met.

So what would happen if we reached that position? What if the EU refused to meet our bottom line? What if we were left with no alternative but to pull out?

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Amicable As far as our own procedures go, secession is simple. European law has primacy over British law because of the European Communities Act. That statute could be repealed in days. Under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU is required to negotiate an alternative deal with any state that gives notice of its intention to leave.

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What should Britain ask for in such negotiations? Speaking personally, I will breathe a deep sigh of relief on the day my job disappears.

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Last year, we handed over £ To put that sum in context, the total domestic savings made in the same year by all the government budget cuts put together came to £6. The toughest talks will be over trade. How could we enjoy open commerce with our EU allies while at the same time participating in the growing markets of the wider world?

The EEA, established inoffers full participation in the single market without any of the political structures.

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Norwegians prefer it to EU membership — and you can see why. In per capita terms, Norway exports two-and-a-half times as much as we do to the EU. There are drawbacks, though. The EEA was only ever intended as a stepping stone to full membership.

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A better model is Switzerland, which rejected EEA membership in a referendum in and instead set about negotiating a series of free trade agreements with the EU, covering everything from fish farming to the permitted noise of lorries on roads.

In consequence, the Swiss have almost all the advantages of membership with almost none of the costs.

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They enjoy the four freedoms of the single market — that is, free movement of goods, services, people and capital — while remaining facial slimming sydney the political structures and making only a token budget contribution. Switzerland sells four-and-a-half times as much to the EU, per capita, as Britain does, and its facial slimming sydney are the wealthiest in Europe.

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